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How to Pack Like a Pro

One of the most important parts of preparing for your move is packing. This is one area where cutting corners can lead to disastrous results. These simple steps will ensure that your belongings are well-protected from the bouncing and jouncing of a moving truck.

1. Pack fragile items in small boxes.

No matter how well you wrap your dishes and fragile collectables, if you pack them in medium or large size boxes, you increase the risk of them breaking in transit. The longer the distance is between loading and unloading, the more important ths step becomes. It is important to remember that it is not only the boxes themselves that protect your belongings, the items themselves within the box can vibrate and jostle aganst each other causing things to crack or chip. It is easy to underestimate the weight of the items themselves as they sit on top of each other in the box. Spending a little more money on more small boxes is a worthwhile investment as you are packng your dishes and other fragile knick knacks.

2. Don't skimp on the packing paper.

For your fragile items, packing paper is the most important part of the move. Use a full sheet of packing paper for your wine glasses and other barware. Don't wrap the glasses too tightly, the air within loosely wrapped dishes provides addtional cushioning. For full-size plates and bowls, use two sheets of packing paper. Place the plate or bowl on a sheet and wrap the plate or bowl with the paper from corner to corner. Every box that contains fragile items should be lined with cushioning on the bottom and top of the box. MONEY SAVING TIP: Use towels from your linen closet for lining your boxes and use less packing paper!

3. Beware overpacking boxes.

Just because your box CAN hold more does not mean it SHOULD hold more. Overpacked or tightly packed boxes lead to broken valuables. As boxes shift in the truck during transport, they can press against each other with a lot of pressure. If your boxes are too full, the items inside can break from the sideways pressure against the boxes in the load.

4. Pay attention to the weight of your boxes.

Filling a large or medium size box with books, papers or even dense clothing can be a major mistake. Often boxes that are too heavy will split along the sides during your move, making a big mess in the moving truck and adding time to the job when the movers have to repack for you. Spread your books and heavy items out among several boxes. Pack lighter items like blankets or pillows in the book boxes. Your movers will thank you!

5. Clearly label everything.

When you label your boxes, mark them with the information for what room they need to go IN at unloading, rather than the room they came OUT of when they were loaded. This will help the movers optimize their time and your boxes will end up where they go with very little direction from you.

6. When in doubt, box it up.

As your packing nears its end, it is easy to get worn out and start wishing and hoping that you never have to lay eyes on brown cardboard again. It is tempting to start to justify not packing certain things in boxes. Small appliances, lampshades, decorative pillows, etc. may seem safe to transport outside of a box, but they are often difficult and expensive to replace and they are easy to pack into boxes. Don't give up now…you're in the homestretch!

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