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Finding a Great Moving Company That Doesn’t Eat Dogs

finding a great moving company

Finding a great moving company in a dog-eat-dog world

Finding a great moving company is not as hard as you think.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and nowhere is it more apparent than within the moving services industry. Finding a great moving company can seem even more difficult when movers promote themselves using negativity and fear tactics.

It has occasionally happened over the past few years that I’ve had a potential customer call me to say “I was talking to another moving company and they said your quote is too low and you are going to slam me with a bunch of secret hidden charges at the end of my move!”

Say what?

My gut reaction is always a feeling of indignance. Who is this person out there spreading these lies and just wait till I get ahold of them! That gut reaction is followed by fear – what about my other customers that this guy has talked to, the ones who don’t call me for an explanation, the ones who buy into the fear this guy is selling and sign a contract with him? I don’t blame these customers, its easy to be swept up in the emotion, and on the surface it sounds like this guy is doing them a favor – but what kind of service are these consumers going to receive from a company that is building a customer base on a foundation of lies, deceit and negativity?

Its no wonder we movers get a bad rap.

I had always thought the negative rumors about moving companies were probably true and that my mission at HomeStretch Moving was to defy the industry: to provide excellent service at reasonable rates, treat people honestly and fairly, no fine print and make everything as clear, easy and straightforward as possible. This week I came across a statistic at MovingScam.com: “less than 5% of moving companies generate the majority of problems that would qualify as a scam”. This means that, generally speaking, 95% of the moving companies out there are decent  businesses – abiding by laws and regulations, maintaining appropriate insurances, etc. It also means that there’s only a small handful of companies out there giving the rest of us a bad name.

So how do you, as a consumer, know who is who? Please, Please, Please! Do yourself a favor and don’t rely on one competitor’s negative statements about another, do your homework!

Key steps to finding a great moving company:

·         Ask for a referral. Ask people you trust – friends, family, co-workers – about their experiences moving. Chances are, you will receive both recommendations as well as warnings.

·         Verify each company’s moving license. You can look up any Florida moving company at the State of Florida Division of Consumer Services website – you can also find out about any complaints and resolutions which have been filed by consumers with the State. For information about moving companies in other states, the Department of Transportation’s “Protect Your Move” website provides an excellent resource to verify a moving license in any state in the U.S.

·         Google! Try searching for reviews of the companies you are considering. A Google search will turn up reviews from multiple different sites (Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, etc.) with a single search. Many companies will provide links to their reviews and testimonials on their website. An example of how I provide this resource for visitors to my website is on the HomeStretch Moving reviews and references page.

·         Review Verification Sites. Check Angie’s List, if you’re a member, and MovingScam.com. Both of these sites use technologies to verify that the reviews submitted are authentic and that they have not been spammed by the companies themselves in order to boost their online reputation.

If you do your homework, you’ll be less stressed about your movers, less frazzled about your move, and you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to avoid the most common pitfalls which can lead to a bad moving experience. If you check any combination of the above sources and proceed with an educated, informed decision, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and even relaxing moving day. 

And isn’t that what finding a great moving company is all about?

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