By R. Reese Fuller

Angola to Zydeco: Louisiana Lives is a set of artistic nonfiction items in regards to the full of life personalities who name south Louisiana domestic. initially released in newspapers dependent in Lafayette-Times of Acadiana and self sufficient Weekly-the twenty-five profiles and lines supply interesting glimpses into the lives of recognized Louisianans resembling James Lee Burke, Ernest J. Gaines, Elemore Morgan Jr., Buckwheat Zydeco, Marc Savoy, Boozoo Chavis, Calvin Borel, Santy Runyon, and Eddie Shuler. writer R. Reese Fuller additionally info the occasionally zany and infrequently tragic topics that populate the cultural panorama of south Louisiana, from Tabasco peppers to Angola criminal to cockfighting.Fuller brings years of expertise within the newspaper to endure in this assortment, delivering behind-the-scenes entry no longer on hand in different places. Of specific notice are his interviews with musicians and native celebrities, who show how their love of the sector has motivated their paintings. Fuller's ordinary method of storytelling creates a e-book that may be a pleasure to learn and actually represents the folk of south Louisiana.

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Behind his wire-rimmed glasses, his bright eyes follow the notes on the sheet music in front of him, and his fingers run up and down the keys of his alto saxophone. He blows into one of the mouthpieces manufactured by Runyon Products, a company he created more than sixty years ago with only an idea and a piece of chewing gum. Runyon’s small studio sits in the back yard of his modest home in a quiet neighborhood in Lafayette. ” The room is full of woodwind instruments, mouthpieces, music, and stories.

If the grass ever dries out, he needs to get on his tractor and mow it. On the other side of the kitchen in the breakfast nook, Zydeco the talking parakeet is whistling, looking for atten- Down Home with Buckwheat • 30 tion. ” If you tell him to call the dogs, he’ll whistle for them. ” When you walk by his cage, the bird catcalls you. In the corner of the living room, the television is set to the Weather Channel. ” he asks. Two of the walls are glass, with a view of the front and back of the property.

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