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Step again in time and stroll the banks of the River Nile to profit what made this society the most strong historical civilisations in heritage. Meet the most iconic pharaohs, travel the awe-inspiring landmarks raised of their honour, establish the non secular tenets that dictated daily life or even learn how to learn the hieroglyphs!

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Out of control. Pharaoh Ptolemy XII was As the commander of the as many as a dozen in a troublesome position. His army and the personification different languages kdmkssss/dpllx mms i bcEarth, gf dnms father had promised Egypt to of god on a pharaoh’s Rome, a promise the Roman Senate presence was essential to prevent had chosen not to act on – not yet, mass unrest in Egypt and anyone, wertyuiop[]as at least. Still, Ptolemy XII was smart absolutely anyone, was better than no enough to understand that to keep the Romans pharaoh at all.

But by the time of Cleopatra this tradition had all but died out, and there’s no record of her donning a fake beard. In fact, the only female pharaoh known to have worn one is Hatshepsut. She died from an asp bite This myth has gained momentum due to paintings of Cleopatra holding a snake to her bosom as she passes away. However, the accounts of this event are in some doubt, mainly because an asp will not cause a quick death as Cleopatra’s was reported to be. It is more likely she drank a combination of poisons.

From birth, Ramesses II was groomed to be pharaoh. His father Seti I inherited the throne 18 months after Ramesses I became king and his son was raised in the lavish royal palaces of the pharaohs, waited upon by nurses and handmaids and trained by tutors in writing, poetry, art and, most importantly, combat. Seti named Ramesses the commander-in-chief of the army when the boy prince was only ten years old. At 14, Ramesses began to accompany his father on military campaigns and witnessed the overwhelming power of the Egyptian charioteers in combat on more than one occasion.

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