By Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

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With autoradiography, the transport of labels was found in rats from the parabrachial (Saper and Loewy 1980) and parabigeminal (Graybiel 1978) nuclei, the locus ceruleus (Jones and Moore 1977), and the dorsal raphe nucleus (Conrad et al. 1974, Azmitia and Segal 1978, Moore et al. 1978) to the DSO. Axons terminating in the MBH have not been demonstrated so far. After all the lesions shown in Figs. 12-17, we were able to show degeneration in the hypothalamic part of the DSO. Although some fibers cross the mesodiencephalic border near the midline (Fig.

Of the diagonal band SS, VIP, SP LHRH, SS, SP, ENK, BRA Septum Lateral septal nucleus Accumbens nucleus Bed nucl. of the stria term. Location of HRP-positive cells NPE RCA NA NVM NVM (core) (shell) ± ± + SP, LHRH, SS, ENK, VIP SS,SP LHRH, SS, SP, NT, ENK, VIP + + + + + ± Amygdala Nucl. of the lat. olf. tract Medial amygdaloid nucleus Posteromedial amygd. nucl. Central amygdaloid nucleus Anterior cortical amygd. nucl. Post. cortical amygd. nucleus Basomedial amygd. nucl. Basolateral amygd. nucleus VIP,CCK SP, ANG, VIP, ENK, SS, NT + SP, VIP, SS ++ ENK, NT, SP VIP, ENK, SS ± VIP, CCK, SS VIP, SP, SS VIP, NT, SS + + ++ ++ + + + ++ ++ + ± + + + ++ ++++ ++++ + + + ++ + Hippocampus (v.

1978). Ascending acetylcholinesterasepositive fibers and histaminergic axons are also supposed to run in the MFB (Shute and Lewis 1966, Garbarg et al. 1976). Fibers ascending in the MFB are collected from the SGC and the vast lateraltegmental area of the pons-midbrain (Figs. 12-15). They cross the meso diencephalic border partly under the SGC in the ventral-tegmental area (Figs. 12, 13) and partly through the ventrolateral part of the central tegmental field (Figs. 14, 15). With our new impregnation method fibers can be traced in horizontal (Fig.

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