By Gerald R. Lachance (auth.), Charles S. Barrett, John V. Gilfrich, Ting C. Huang, Ron Jenkins, Gregory J. McCarthy, Paul K. Predecki, Richard Ryon, Deane K. Smith (eds.)

Whole trend becoming, Rietveld research, and Calculated Diffraction styles. Quantitative part research via XRay Diffraction (XRD). skinny movie and floor Characterization by way of XRD. Lattice Defects and XRay Topography. Texture research via XRD. XRD Instrumentation, ideas, and Reference fabrics. tension selection by way of Diffraction tools. XRD Profile becoming, Crystallite dimension and pressure decision. XRD purposes: Detection Limits, Superconductors, Organics, Minerals. Mathematical equipment in XRay Spectrometry (XRS). skinny movie and floor Characterization via XRS and XPS. overall mirrored image XRS. XRS options and Instrumentation. XRS functions. XRay Imaging and Tomography. 161 articles. Index.

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3, pp. 157-165. Hawthorne, A. R. P. Gardner, 1975, "Monte Carlo Simulation of X-Ray Fluorescence from Homogeneous Multielement Samples Excited by Continuous and Discrete Energy Photons from X-Ray Tubes", Analytical Chemistry, 47(13),2220-2225. P. Gardner, and K. Verghese, 1990, "An Improved Si(Li) Detector Response Function", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A299, 354-366. , C. L. Dobbs, K. Verghese and R. P. Gardner, 1991, "Investigation of EnergyDispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis for On-Line Aluminum Thickness/Composition Measurement", Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol.

One pure titanium sample, two known alloy samples from NIST, and one aluminium alloy sample of known composition from ALCOA are used as test samples to validate the Monte Carlo results. T. HE ET AL. ~:,: ' . ~;:t<;';':'~':: . .... ~ 5 10 ' 20 15 25 30 Energy (kev) fig. 1 Titanium X roy Spectra ...... :~­ u.. : SIm_dolo 5 10 15 20 Energy (kev) Fig. 2 2024 Aluminium Alloy X roy spectra 25 JO 732 X. : ~""~J_'" ... ~~.... 5 10 15 20 25 JO Energy (kev) Fig. 4 Stainless Steel X Ray Spectro To verify the NCSXRF code, the X-ray spectrum of one of the standard samples mentioned above is measured first, then the simulated X-ray spectrum is obtained by running the Monte Carlo simulation code based on the known sample elemental composition.

In the framework of the new software there are different possibilities for active choice of parameters for processing data, flexible control, objective estimation of current procedures and fInal results. This software can be used in different spheres - in routine analysis, scientifIc researches and in practice of experiments with high accuracy. REFERENCES 1. H. Schamber, Proc. 8th Nat. Conf. 2n Electron Probe Analysis 85 (1973). 2. , USA (1990). 3. H. , Ann. 241 (1977). 4. J. H. Schamber, Proc.

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