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There are also the anxieties and self-doubts about whether a child's two languages will develop to proficient bilingualism, of apparent interference between the two languages, and of people being excluded when a child is using one of their languages. The answer is therefore that a child's bilingual development will affect a marriage and it should do. There will be highs and lows, moments of glory and moments of grief. This is no different from physical, social or intellectual development. Just as the vast majority of children turn out to be physically mature, socially effective and intellectually well developed adults, so children's dual language development also tends to have more glories than griefs.

Lesser-used languages in the mass media have relatively few hours of television prime time. Therefore, the danger is that the television diet does not provide the appropriate language vitamins to encourage fluent bilingualism. A11 My Children Can Speak Two Languages. How Can I Help Them Belong to Two Cultures? In one sense, merely speaking a language to a child conveys culture to that child. Embedded in the meanings of words and phrases is always a culture. Through language, a child learns a whole way of life, ways of perceiving and organizing experience, ways of anticipating the world, forms of social relationship, rules and conventions about behavior, moral values and ideals, the culture of technology and science as well as poetry, music and history.

An increasing number of countries and an increasing number of languages are going onto satellite, giving the potential, if the child so wishes, of accessing their 'native' language. * Some schools are more attuned to language diversity, to language development for first and second language speakers, to celebrating the different languages that children bring to school, rather than being on a monolingual campaign. When the adopted child is of primary and secondary school age, the choice of a language-sensitive school will affect the child's achievement and progress in school, and their self-esteem.

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