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;Bf 109 ok (Monogram Close-Up sixteen) ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ,ТЕХНИКА Название: Bf 109 ok (Monogram Close-Up 16)Автор: Thomas H. HitchcockИздательство: Monogram Aviation PublicationsISBN: 0914144162Год: 1979Страниц: 35Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: eight. 13МБЯзык: английскийThe background of the past due struggle German Messerschmitt Bf 109 okay sequence.

British Foreign Policy 1874-1914: The Role of India (Routledge Studies in Modern European History)

A demanding research of British overseas coverage is equipped at a time while Britain possessed the most important Empire that humankind has ever recognized. during this Empire India had a different place, comprising ninety seven according to cent of Britain's Asiatic Empire. All British statesmen deemed it necessary to hold their carry over India regardless of the chance or rate of doing so.

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1 r, for a com" bination of "exact science," ritual, and "magic power" in the work 0 f the ancient Aryan era ftsmen, 0 Berthelot ( I88g), pp. vi-vii. ' The words, alchemy and chemistry, are derived ultimately from the name of Egypt itself, Kamt or Qemt, meaning literally black, and applied to the Nile mud. The word was also applied to the black powder produced by quicksilver in Egyptian metallurgical processes. " 2 The analogy to the sacrament of the mass and the marvelous powers ascribed to the host by medieval preachers like Stephen of Bourbon scarcely needs remark.

Aldus, Venice, 1547· Mely, F. de et Ruelle, C. E. Les lapidaires de l'antiquite et du moyen age, Paris, 1896. Mely has published many other works on gems and lapidaries of the past. Merrifield, Mrs. M. P. Ancient Practice of Painting, or Original Treatises dating from the Xllth to XVlllth centuries on the arts of painting, London, 1849. Meyer, E. Albertus Magnus, ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Botanik im XIII j ahrhundert, in Linnaea, X (1836) 64 1-741 , XI ( 1837) 545. Meyer, Karl. Der Aberglaube des Mittelalters und der nachstfolgenden jahrhunderte, Basel, 1856.

VII, ii, 2. Schum, W. Beschriebendes Verzeichnis der Arnplonianischen Handschriften-Sammlung zu Erfurt, Berlin, I887· Sighart, J. Albertus Magnus: sein Leben unci seine Wissenschaft, Ratisbon, 1857; French translation, Paris, 1862; partial English translation by T. A. Dixon, London, 1876. Singer, Charles. Early English Magic and Medicine, 1920, 34 pp. "Science," pp, 106-48 in "Medieval Contributions to Modem Civilization," ed. F. J. C. Hearnshaw, 1921. Studies in the History and Method of Science, Oxford, 19 1 7 ; a second volume appeared in May, 1921.

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