By Annie Potter

Вязание декоративных подушек: нежное сердце, сердце Америки, цветочная, украшенная розами, и другие оригинальные модели подушек придадут неповторимость и шарм вашей комнате.

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Tudor Warships (1): Henry VIII's Navy (OSPREY New Vanguard 142)

During this publication, specialist Angus Konstam explores the fledging Tudor military, tracing its heritage, from its origins as a service provider fleet lower than Henry VII via to its emergence as a robust strength less than Henry VIII. analyzing the operational use of Henry's Tudor warships the writer analyzes the conflict of the Solent in 1545, during which Henry's fleet took on a French fleet of 2 hundred ships - a lot higher than the Spanish Armada a long time later.

City Quarters: Temple Quarter (d20 System)

The second one ebook within the urban zone sequence from the sport Mechanics (Modern Player's spouse, Artifacts of the Ages), information the folk, areas, and plots of the fable urban of Liberty, first obvious within the ENnie-nominated Thieves' zone sourcebook. Temple region offers numerous new religions, their temples, their monks and priestesses, and their ceremonies and rituals - in addition to their extra secular targets.

The melodramatic imagination: Balzac, Henry James, melodrama, and the mode of excess : with a new preface

This article argues that melodrama is an important mode of expression in sleek literature. After learning level melodrama as a dominant well known shape within the 1800s, the writer seems at Balzac and Henry James, to teach how those "realist" novelists created fiction utilizing rhetoric and way over melodrama.

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