By Ronald J Brown; United States. Marine Corps. Marine Regiment, 14th

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At 0800 Lieutenant Colonel Reeve notified Colonel DeHaven that he had only two guns still operable. This forced Colonel DeHaven to relieve the bat- talion of any further fire missions until it could reorganize. The unsung heroes of the battle for Saipan were the Marines of the division Ordnance Company. They worked miracles with the battered weapons they position until the fire mission had destroyed the received. Howitzers came in with trails blown off, recoil mechanisms damaged, hydraulic cylinders punctured, sights damaged or missing, and cracked barrels.

The attack was a success. An excellent scheme of maneuver Marine Division. These complex operations called for great flexibility, good communications, excellent liaison work, and a unique spirit of teamwork which transcended unit or service loyalty. ' was obvious in mission assignments, fire direction, communications relays, and logistical support. S. ** The drive to Magicienne Bay progressed well. The 165th Infantry Regiment captured Aslito Airfield and Operation Forager was notable for the cooperation and smooth coordination of all artillery units—the 14th Marines, the 10th Marines, 27th Division Artillery, and XXIV Corps Artillery—during the entire campaign.

Snyder, R-1; Captain Harrison L. Rogers, R-2; Major FrederickJ. Karch, R-3; and Major RichardJ. 4 On Maui, the 3d Battaion rearmed with 105mm howitzers to replace the 75mm pack howitzers which served it so well at RoiNamur. These cannon added range and explosive pow- in the Central Pacific, Saipan had a relatively large civilian population. These civilians, Japanese and Chamorros, primarily lived in Garapan and Charan Kanoa, the urban centers on the west coast. The major military centers on the island were Aslito Airfield in the south and Marpi Point Airfield in the north.

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