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Guaranteed Flat Rate Quote

Why is a Guaranteed Flat Rate so important?

Getting a guaranteed flat rate is the most important decision you will make as you plan your move. We provide each customer a flat rate so that there will not be any surprises at the end of the move. Even if the job takes longer than we expected, there is never an additional charge to you. This eliminates a majority of moving-day stress.

How is our Guaranteed Flat Rate different from other moving companies?

Industry standard among most moving companies is to offer customers an hourly rate along with an ESTIMATE of how many hours the move might take. This often leads to situations where you end up getting charged considerably more than you expected because the move took longer than the estimated hours. By providing you with a Guaranteed Flat Rate for your move, you are completely protected and can budget appropriately.

How does our Guaranteed Flat Rate work?

We obtain a list from you of the items to be moved. We can do this over the phone, with an on-site estimate or you can fill out our online quote form from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This only requires 5-15 minutes of your time. Once we know the size and scope of your move, we can tell you the best size team for your move, what size truck is required, and exactly how long it should take any moving company to complete the job.

Since we are providing you with a Guaranteed Flat Rate, you can rest assured that accuracy is our top priority. This means that once you have received our written quote, you can use it to verify quotes you receive from other moving companies. Our Guaranteed Flat Rate quote provides you with the information you need to make an “apples to apples” decision.

Why do we offer a Guaranteed Flat Rate?

At HomeStretch Moving, our top priority is exceptional customer service. Our Guaranteed Flat Rate is one of the ways we achieve our goal. By providing every customer with the knowledge needed to make an educated and informed decision, we are holding the industry to a higher standard and making moving day better for everyone.

How can you get your Guaranteed Flat Rate quote?

Click Here

to fill out our Online Quote Form and get your Guaranteed Flat Rate emailed to you right away. If you prefer, call 813.367.7072 to get your quote over the phone or schedule an on-site estimate. No pushy sales tactics. No pressure. We are here to help.

HomeStretch Moving: bringing your house…home.


I relocated to Cape Coral and then moved back to Tarpon Springs 5 months later. I knew that I would use HomeStretch Moving again. Their quotes are very accurate. Most companies I spoke with gave me high quotes and no guaranteed flat rate. If you are accurate on what you want moved HomeStretch Moving guarantees a flat rate that doesn't change when they come for the move. In fact, my first move rates came down once the movers saw that I had fewer boxes than originally quoted. Now that is CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Brooke sets up the moves and she remembered me from my first move 5 months prior. She reassured me about all my concerns. I told her my new condo had hardwood floors and didn't want any damage with the moving traffic. When the movers arrived and I mentioned this concern they had special notes about the floor concerns and all other concerns. And that's CUSTOMER CARE!

The movers are polite, efficient, fast and friendly. Nothing was damaged on either move. I would HIGHLY recommend HomeStretch Moving! Just call them and forget about all the other companies out trying to make a profit and not really meeting customers need. The move should START and End with HomeStretch Moving. Really can't say enough good about the whole process!

Tarpon Springs, FL